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My Favorite Podcast

I listen to a lot of financial podcasts and this one is my favorite. Great hosts and great information. The other podcasts pile up until I have time to listen, but I make a point to listen to Devin and John as soon as a new podcast is released. Keep up the good work, guys!

Big Pic

Great show, love the variety of topics. If the day job isn’t working out you can always fall back on comedy, you guys are good! Thanks for the info. Irv in Minnesota

Practical advice with deep knowledge

Like others have noted, the info provided is excellent for those that handle their own portfolio and investment strategies.

Meaty topics explained in understandable way

Unlike most personal finance shows which tend to be pretty basic this show gets into more difficult but relevant topics such was estate planning, trusts and social security. These can be tough topics but are explained very well in an entertaining way

Happy You’re Back

Glad that u 2 are back on the air. I enjoy the diverse topics, insights, banter and humor. Keep up the great work.

Best retirement planning info!

So glad you guys are back! You have taught me so much and I greatly enjoy your accents and banter. Not yet at retirement age, but I’m going to rock Social Security and retirement planning thanks to you! BTW, one of your best episodes was about the “Black Widow” scammers. Highly recommend you rerun it sometime!

I’d hire these guys

Sensible big picture advice. If I lived in their area I would hire these guys! Informative and understandable

Relaxed style, solid info

Glad you’re back, and my previous review still stands, with a few updates: I’ve learned many things here that I haven’t on other retirement planning podcasts. They go deep into topics that are relevant for planning for aging and retirement, both for myself approaching retirement in the coming year, and for my Mom whose finances I managed until she passed away during the Covid epidemic. Thank you both for the immense amount of work that you put into keeping this podcast going and substantive. And I still love your relaxed style of chatting and joking about life in general, because it makes the head-exploding, detailed learning and information a little easier to absorb. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing. I often find myself backing up and listening to certain sections 2 or 3 times, because there is so much to understand and absorb.

Needed Information

This is a great informative and entertaining Podcast. I have learned a lot from these two men about financial planning and estate planning. They also give you some ideas on how you can find the fight planners for your situation. Glad they are back

So glad these guys are back!

It’s been a long 2 years waiting on this show to return. So glad to hear they are back!

So interesting!!

I love these two guys for 3 reasons: 1. As a good southern woman, I could listen to John & Devin’s Texas accents all day long. It’s like the Texas version of City Mouse (John) and Country Mouse (Devin). 2. They are great at explaining difficult situations in a down-to-earth way that 99% of the listeners can understand. 3. They manage to cover the subject of retirement with a little humor, on the side! So why can’t I download the podcasts anymore?!?

How to protect your rental property

This was very informative and through regarding LLC formation. Umbrella insurance will also provide additional protection for inside the wall” lawsuits

Difficult topic mad easier

Thanks for all your super educationally helpful podcasts guys, keep it up!

Great podcast

A lot of valuable information

#74 Crisis Planning ~ Paying for Long Term Care Expense

Wow!! THIS PODCAST gave me hope!! I didn't know... what I didn't know! I thought you had to give the government everything you owned... to even begin to get some professional help. I just sent an email to you guys a few minutes ago requesting an appointment for my family. I have been looking for this kind of distinguished expertise for TWO YEARS!! BRAVO!! I'm telling all my friends about you guys!! What a Blessing!!

Big picture retirement.

Great show. Info we’ll presented. Covers lot of issues those of us entering retirement face

Big Picture Retirement

I am so psych'ed. I found Devin Carroll on youtube initially and found his information to be great on social security. SS is only one part, although it be a huge part, of most people's retirement. I then found the his podcast with him and John. These guys are great! So good to get useful information on retirement. I highly recommend this podcast!

Just What is Needed

I don’t know how else to put it, but these guys are AWESOME. I found them several months ago and they have become my daily commute listening. Incredibly informative, unbiased, and the content is delivered in a very entertaining fashion. They are on hiatus for now, but do yourself a favor and learn from these podcasts.

Fun n Fantastic

After listening to a show or two I absolutely had to go back and binge the remaining library. I love the vibe of the show and the information is presented in a way that our (collective) grandparents can understand. Per Albert Einstein, that means they really know their stuff. I have listened to many, many retirement and financial planning shows; this is one of only three that I subscribe too.

Excellent Format and Content

I have enjoyed every episode. The format is great, with the focus staying on the topic while doing so in an interesting conversational format. I’m feeling much better informed after listening.

Great at Explaining

These guys are really good at making important complicated concepts more understandable.

Great stuff

A dynamic duo a la Batman & Robin! 😃 Keep up the good, educational work! Learned a lot and appreciate listening to the podcast.

Who knew

Who knew there were so many topics about retirement and they can be presented in an interesting and engaging way by two guys - a finacial planner and a lawyer no less? Not me, but that's what this is. I've learned a lot and highly recommend it to anyone in or planning for retirement.

Interesting and entertaining

These two dudes cover a wide range of interesting and useful topics, and they stay on task and dont go on and on about random things that are totally unrelated. They are also funny. Really enjoy this show.

Great stuff

Guys, I enjoy your podcast and the range of topics that you discuss. My wife and I are recently retired.

#42 What Medicare Covers

Great information

Great Retirement Perspectives

Excellent podcasts-really enjoy the style and information

Best and only podcast I listen to...

Tried many across genres and topics. All were awful except this one. This is literally the only podcast that I continue to listen to regularly.

Great Retirement guide

Planning to retire in a few years. Searched and came across this podcast. Great and timely advice. I've been jumping around to various episodes as I move through my retirement planning. Keep the show going.