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Super podcast

Super podcast. The hosts cover retirement topics that are not covered as well on other shows. For example, great coverage on wills, estates, etc.

Great podcast!

What a great podcast! The combo of a financial planner and a lawyer really brings complicated issues so much clearer No selling. No hype just great information !!

Great Retirement Show

Lots of great information presented. Well presented by hosts.

Great podcast

Demystifying lots of financial information & disinformation. Great hosts with a great sense of humor.

I am hooked

I cannot get enough of this concise but in depth discussion of how to think about retirement strategies for yourself and anyone you care about. Highly recommended if you want to know what you do not know about the subject.

These guys are greatly helpful!

I found Big Picture Retirement by searching for information on long-term care because my parents are getting to the point of needing some help. I am so glad I found this podcast! They answered several of my questions in just one episode. I will continue to listen to them. They are funny as well. Thank you!

Great Podcast

Getting ready to retire and this podcast provides a lot of good information and food for thought!

Very informative

Very informative podcast on retirement issues.

Big Picture Retirement

Informative and thought provoking-- I've started to send my friends to the podcast.

Social Security and Medicare - in plain language

Too bad there are not six , seven, ten stars available...these guys deserve more than five! Devin Carroll and John Ross have been incredibly helpful demystifying Social Security and especially Medicare for my family. I spent too much time trying to have questions answered on government sites and other non-governmental web sites. Devin and John have been the only two that have been able to answer my questions simply and accurately. If you have questions about Social Security, about Medicare, about other retirement issues, look no further. This is the program for you. It will save you an enormous amount of time!

Love the Show!

Great podcast. You cover many of the topics of interest to me. All very informative plus I enjoy the humor.

Makes finances fun!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts take on seemingly dry topics and make them clear and interesting. Good job!

Military Officer/Part-time Personal Finance Nerd

I continue to be impressed, not only with the technical content, but with the thoughtful process employed. Reminds me of the Money-guy series but with more emphasis on senior care and maybe more expertise with the legal aspects of Medicare/Medicaid and the legal aspects of trusts. Certainly worth listening to, and heads and shoulders above most of the retread information in this space.

Great show

Howdy!!! Great podcast and very thorough when it comes to explaining topics. I love the strategy that goes into the discussions also. Love the show it’s a must listen also.

Very informative

I first started listening when the show started, and I find this show informative and relevant, even for a 40 some year old. Devin and John are very engaging and easy to listen to. Great content! Highly recommend!


Great down to earth easy to understand guidance and advice

Great Podcast

I just started listening and really enjoy Devin and John. Like the content and the laid back approach.

Straight forward and yet hilarious

John and Devin bring important issues to the table with some great humor. Highly recommended if you want to get into the details of retirement planning and have some laughs at the and time.

Excellent Podcast

Informative and understandable podcast on multiple relevant topics with regards to preparing for retirement. Topics explained very well.

Big picture retirement

You guys do a great job. I always learn something new. I coordinate a financial peace class and I’m always looking for new information that would be helpful to others. I listen to a lot of podcasts. Yours is one of the best. Keep up the good work!


I am glad I gave this podcast a second try since I wasn't so sure about on my first try. These two are knowledgeable and informed and they share their comments in an engaging manner. I have learned a number of things by listening. Kudos to them.

Love it!

I listen to lots of financial podcasts and this is by far one if my favorites. I have learned a lot and I find it entertaining as well.

I’d hire these guys

Sensible big picture advice. If I lived in their area I would hire these guys!

Highly recommended

This podcast not only has great information for the retiree and the almost retired but also for anyone ever hoping to retire. I was just wondering if I could take my Social Security retirement early and then switch later to my ex-husbands benefits and got the answer (once I find out what that amount may possibly be). I'm looking forward to downloading "Big Picture Retirement, 3 Steps to a Successful Retirement". I tried retiring once becore and was just not ready (money in place, mind wasn't). But trying it again stating in a few weeks. Hopefully this will help with that transition.

Great Info

"Learn something new every day and you won't waste a day" Tell my kids this all the time and by listening to Big Picture Retirement I fulfill this with every episode. Great podcast, and very easy to understand. Also, having lived in TX, it's wonderful to hear the familiar accent. :-)

Great Podcast

I will be retiring in about 5 years. This podcast is giving me some real life information on many subjects on retiring. Thanks so much!

My favorite personal finance/retirement podcast

I can't say enough good things about this podcast. I look forward to listening to it each Monday! It is the perfect length, covers the topics I want to hear about in a practical and informative manner, but is still entertaining and easy to listen to. The banter between the hosts is fun and you can tell they each know what they are talking about and have lots of real world experience. Each time I listen to an episode I learn something new. My wife usually won't listen to my dry and boring finance podcasts, but she will listen to this one!

Great podcast

These guys are fantastic. Take a complex topic and break it down into something understandable by the average person. Well done!


If you are retired or getting close to it, this is the podcast for you. Good information on social security, medicare, financial events during retirement, and estate planning.

Great Podcast

As a native of Texarkana, it's nice to know we have local podcasts with such good information from knowledgeable experts. I know John Ross from seminars he's spoken at for the medical profession, and his info is always so good. This podcast will rivale any in the nation for accuracy and ease of listening for the lay person with very little knowledge on this topic. Keep up the good work guys! sm, msn, rn, acnp-bc