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Practical advice

I am five years from retirement and listening to this podcast has been extremely helpful in my preparation. I have found the topics very interesting and very helpful.

Addiction is a strong word, but...

... that's about as close to the word I can use to describe my involvement with your podcasts. I discovered you somehow...not sure how, but definitely on iTunes. I've been catching up on most of the episodes (not all apply to me), and I have to say I love your insights, your banter, and your format. You two have supplanted ever other podcast in my rotation - at least until I catch up (currently in the 50's). Don't know how I'll scratch my "Devin & John itch" once I'm all caught up! Just once a week at that point doesn't seem like it will be enough!

uhhgggg...You guys make it berable or should I say bullish.

We were happily working and saving....when wham retirement approached and landed. Lucky we are in are early 50s working contract jobs (public safety workers have to retire early) and will soon figure out when we can really retire. We tried a few advisors and had no good vibes, no one seems to want to help with the Big Picture until we found you guys. We are sifting through it all, with your helpful podcast, trying to make sense of it all. We prefer to go to advisors and planners with some knowledge under our belts. Yor guys make the info go down real smooth. Thanks!

Great information and entertaining!

I’m 58 and hoping to retire in the next 3 years. I started listening last year and have gone back to listen to all the past shows too. The information has been extremely helpful.

Better than it looks

I subscribe to this podcast. When the new episodes come up I often look at the topic and say: That sounds boring. However, after I give it a listen it turns out to be worth it. These guys are smart, well informed on their topics, and not boring at all. :)

My favorite investing podcast

I love listening to Devin and John. They come at all items logically, speaking from experience and imparting knowledge. Others are just “entertainers” or wannabes. Big Picture Retirement podcast actually gives the listener wanting to learn some meat on the bone. Keep it up!


I’ve found this podcast and truly appreciate the information and the way it’s delivered. Bringing up many different scenarios and issues we should be aware of. First podcast I listen to as dead it comes out!!

Great for Future retiree

I am only 50 and looking ahead to retirement. Big Picture Retirement has helped me tremendously begin to plan for that day. They give insights that I never would have thought of. I went all the way back to their first episode so I wouldn't miss any of their tips. They have very helpful guest occasionally that really help fill out the show.

Great podcast

Full of excellent information and data. Thanks for covering VA benefits!

Content Rich

This is a great podcast. Although I’m 34 and not everything applies to me the information is precise and to the point. I recently found this podcast, listened to about 10 episodes, and I’m now going back starting with episode one to get current. Great content and not corny which I appreciate.

Great Resource!

The library of episodes is like an encyclopedia for personal finance and retirement.

Great resource!

Very helpful and detailed information on many topics important to retirees.

Info packed podcast!!

If you or someone you care about is or near retirement, this podcast is a must listen. I found this podcast through word of mouth last month and I have learned so much about estate planning, social security and everything else in retirement. I am an early retiree in my 30s with three young children (through hard work, consistent saving and simple investing), everything I have learned from Devin and John is very applicable to my family situation. The more episodes I have caught up, the more I wish I live in Texas so that I can stop searching for an estate planning lawyer and financial planner by just hirimg John and Devin. Highly recommended - you don't know what you don't know until you do - hopefully before it's too late...

Big Picture Retirement

This is a very educational podcast that is done with integrity. I trust the information that is provided.



Relaxed style, solid info

I’ve learned many things here that I haven’t on other retirement planning podcasts. They go deep in topics that are relevant for planning for aging and retirement, both for myself approaching retirement in 3-5 years, and for my 88-year-old Mom whose finances I manage. Thank you for the immense amount of work that you put into keeping this podcast going and substantive. And I for one love your relaxed style of chatting and joking about life in general, because it makes the head-exploding, detailed learning and information a little easier to absorb. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing.

Great show

This is one of the best shows on retirment topics I have listened to (and I listen to a lot of them) It is informative, unbiased, and filled with good, factual, useful information I especially appreciate that they are not trying to sell you anything like many of the retirement podcasts do. They don't offer a free review of all of your investments, they just give good, sound avice I highly recommend this podcast!

Tax ID #

Great podcast on immigrant impact on SS. You mention getting a Tax ID # instead of a SS Number. I checked the application for the Tax ID # and it appears the form(s) require a SS#. Can you address. Thank you. Love your podcast.

Thank you

Thank you for the wealth of information. I Am nearing retirement. Your podcast are helping me in my estate planning and retirement planning. You review over problems that I would never focus in on. For example naming a beneficiary or beneficiaries on cds. The right way to do it and the wrong way to do it. I always look forward to the new broadcast.

Thank you!

This podcast covers many different topics related to retirement; however, the one that helped me most was what to do when a loved one dies. After the loss of my spouse, I was not very focused, to say the least. Having the checklist of things to take care of was a God send.

Great advise everyone needs to know!

Thank you. Im doing good, but now I can explain it better to my children, friends and relatives.

Educational and entertaining

An excellent podcast. Very educational & very well explained, and a good amount of humor to boot. Thanks to John & Devin for adding to my knowledge and understanding, and for entertaining me at the same time.

So much valuable information!!

My husband and I just retired but are still working. We realized quickly that one has to use their head to make retirement work like it should in so many facets. Not work and just pay more taxes! Also we need advice in protecting assets for ourselves and my husbands parents. Devin and John (and guests) are so informative and easy to listen to. We both have downloaded the podcast and some shows we hear more than once! Thank you for all you do!!

Quality information in an attainable format

As someone who is just (and late) seriously researching retirement planning, this podcast is great. Devin and John keep my head from exploding with their calm demeanor, logical explanations, wide variety of topics and charming southern accents. I really appreciate their ability as professionals to translate the many challenging subjects related to retirement into a podcast for regular people!

SS Planning Pros

I've been binge listening to this podcast all day and am so grateful to have found these guys! As a Medicare expert, we get questions regularly from our clients about how and when to file for Social Security, and up until now, we've never had a good resource for them. Problem solved - we'll be referring people to this podcast from now on. They also have a great YouTube channel.

Really great

I (British, not American) am planning to move to the US with my husband (US citizen) after years of living and working overseas in different countries and I was looking for a way to educate myself not only so we can take more control of our finances as we approach our new life and prepare for retiring. I discovered this Podcast only a few days ago but already have have learned a tremendous amount because they discuss complex subjects (eg Medicare, bonds, IRAs etc) in a clear, engaging and accessible way, often using relevant real life examples, rich in information, presented from different points of view. I love that the conversation does not assume you know a lot, it does not wander, nor is it peppered with irrelevant filler material so the time I spend doing this is productive and worth my while. I’m very grateful to them and I am sure I will go back to episodes to cement what I’ve learned. Thank you for doing this!

Fun and Informative

Been listening to these guys for awhile. They have a good approach, very informative, and down to earth.

Who knew how big?

I'm 61 and counting down to retirement. This podcast has relly opened my eyes to the importance of the big picture. Instead of alarmed, though, I am more excited with each show. GREAT!!

Pod cast review

I’m 5 yrs away from early retirement and I have found this podcast very informative. Best part is they are not selling anything just providing basic information so you can build on it and retire comfortably

Best retirement Podcast!

Best retirement Podcast!