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How to have your best year ever

Great show, lots of useful advice! Glad I found the podcast.

Love it

Devin and John are a great tandem and share great information each week.

Financial Wisdom!

This is a great podcast for someone from 18 years old till the day before you die and valuable information all the way!

Highly educational and fun!

Outstanding podcast! It is highly educational and I am very thankful that it is a constant sales pitch to "contact us and we can do your financial planning"! Devin and John are well-spoken, great teachers and discuss very relevant and important topics related to retirement.

Retirement planning explained well

I've recently heard of the Big Picture Retirement while listening to the Stacking Benjamins podcast. I'm 54 and enjoy listening to many podcasts on personal finance, investing and retirement, and I have found BPR has answered several questions related to retirement planning that I always wondered about. Kudos to Devin and John in explaining topics related to retirement in layman's terms. The bonus to the show is hearing the Texas drawl I grew up with in Cooper, TX. Brings back memories of home :-). Keep it up Gents!

Newly Retired

As a freshly minted retiree, this podcast speaks directly to me. Clear and easily understood information.

Really helpful stuff

Thanks for this podcast. Just listened to your episodes on Medicare and I was amazed how you were able to condense so much complicated information and share it in a way that made sense. Keep up the good work.


Great retirement podcast.

Very Informative

I'm a new subscriber, but the few episodes I've listen to are very informative. I particularly like the estate planning topics I've listen to thus far. Devin and John go into a lot more detail than most of the other podcasts I've listened to. Highly recommended for financial planners/advisors that work with clients in the retirement space.

Covering It All

I listen to plenty of financial podcasts, but I love that Big Picture touches upon many more important aspects of retirement planning than just the financials. Insurance, taxes, health care...all of these topics are vital to consider in your planning.

Love the show!

I have many decades yet until retirement, but I love hearing your discussions so I feel well prepared in the future. My parents are just entering retirement so hopefully I can give them advice for once!

Awesome Podcast

Devin and John hosts of Big Picture Retirement highlights all aspects of retirement in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

New Subscriber

I have been listening for a while and had to subscribe. Very helpful and I like the listener questions.

Informative Retirement Planning

Devin and John do a great job of informing listeners on a wide variety of retirement topics. I look forward to each new episode and I learn something valuable every week. Highly recommended.

Love these guys

These guys are awesome! I have learned so much from them. It has helped me to be better prepared for my retirement next year. Keep up the good work.

Love this podcast

I have learned so much listening to this podcast and it's easy to listen to!

Good information you need to know

Good podcast. Easy to follow. A little folksy, but that's OK.


Great podcast about all things retirement planning with no sales pitch.

Great show

I enjoy learning the tips and tricks needed for navigating social security and how this impacts retirement planning. I've been listening for about 6months and have been searching through some old podcasts as well.

Retirement isn't just about social security and 401(k)s

I've been learning and teaching personal finance for over a decade, yet I'm learning so much about Social Security from Devin and John. If you just want to give the show a test-run, start with Episodes 1, 4, 13 and 21. Episode 2 has a really great story too. Keep it up guys! Steve Stewart, MoneyPlan SOS podcast

Excellent podcast for real technical knowledge

This is a great podcast particularly for those who already are in the later stages of retirement (or about to inherit from those in later stages of retirement) discussing the technical aspects of SS, wills and estate planning, etc. It balances out the many FIRE (financial independence retire early) podcasts out there.

Highly recommend!

Big Picture Retirement has inspiring and actionable insights and lessons on understanding the big picture when it comes to your retirement. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you're planning for or living in retirement!

Putting together the pieces

Planning for retirement is overwhelming, and there are so many aspects to consider. I love how Devin and John connect the different parts of the puzzle. I feel so much smarter now!

Great show!

Really enjoy this podcast. These two really complement each other. A wealth of information that doesn't bore you to sleep!

Excellent Podcast

Devin and John do a fantastic job at explaining retirement aspects!

Great podcast for people who want to learn more about their retirement from seasoned experts

Devin and John are great hosts of this podcast. Learning about all the ins and outs of retirement and programs like social security are challening to understand. Devin and John have done a great job at explaining these complicated programs. I highly recommend listening to this show.

Great podcast

Incredibly informative, a really good listen.

Planning for your FUTURE!!!

Very informative.... John and Devin do a outstanding job of providing their listener the tools they need to be successful with their retirement plan.

Very Informative

Great podcast. Retirement can be a dry topic and they do a great job!

Refreshing Perspective!

It's so nice to hear solid information on the subject of retirement planning that is broad and considers all angles. The show is still new, but so far I like it!